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Gobo Size Reference

Gobo Sizes

GoboPlus offers the entire range of steel and glass gobos in sizes to fit all modern luminaires. In addition to these standard sizes, our supplier; Rosco will manufacture any gobo into non-standard sizes (barring technical constraints) and make them available at the standard price. Contact GoboPlus for details and lead times.

Generic Gobo Sizes

A 100mm 68mm  
B 86mm 64.5mm  
M 65.5mm   49.5mm
D (Metal) 53.3mm   40mm
D (Glass) 51.8mm   40mm
E 37.5mm   28.1mm

This is just a small selection of gobos sizes available. For specific requirements feel free to contact our Customer Service Team.

Specific Gobo Sizes

To view sizes for specific lanterns then please enter your manufacturer/model number on any catalogue gobo product:

Gobo Size Reference screenshot

Gobo Holders

With the breadth and depth of gobos available, it is important to choose the gobo holder that is appropriate for your luminaire (most luminaires must use a specific size gobo) and for the type of gobo you are using. Some gobos are thicker than others and require a special holder to accommodate it.

GoboPlus supplies gobo holders to fit most luminaires in current use. When selecting a gobo holder, care must be taken to ensure that both the overall dimensions of the holder and the size of the gobo it will accept, are compatible with the lantern used.


Europa A GH34 GH57
1K A GH24  
2K A GH25  
360Q/1KL/Shakespeare B GH09  
Silhouette A GH01 GH02
Minuette M GH15 GH55
Accento M GH41  
Testa B GH43  
Source4 (A) A GH61 GH62
Source4 (B) B Gh59 GH56
Source4 (Iris Slot) B   GH77
Source4 Junior M GH63 GH64
D'Artagnan B GH58  
Astral/Acclaim M GH60  
Pacific (A) A GH72 GH80
Pacific (B) B GH78 GH79
Pacific ZoomSpot M GH81  
Zoomspot 650/1200 (A) A GH01 GH02
Zoomspot 650/1200 (B) B Gh03 GH38
Strand Century      
Alto (A) A GH07  
Alto (B) B GH36  
Brio (A) A GH40/74 GH04
Brio (B) B GH06/73 GH35
Cadenza (A) A GH07  
Cadenza (B) B GH36  
Cantata (A) A GH40/74 GH05
Cantata (B) B GH06/73 GH35
Harmony (A) A GH04 GH05
Harmony (B) B GH37 GH35
Optique (A) A GH40/74 GH05
Optique (B) B GH06/73 GH35
SL Coolbeam (A) A GH74  
SL Coolbeam (B) B GH73 GH76
Solo/Toccata (A) A GH07  
Solo/Toccata (B) B GH36  
T Spot (A) A GH04 GH05
T Spot (B) B GH37 GH35
Zero 88      
Focus M GH15 GH55

Note: unless otherwise specified, all GoboPlus ‘A’ & ‘B’ size glass gobos are made with 70mm glass, bezelled to its overall diameter.

This is just a small selection of luminaires. For those that are not listed please contact one of our Customer Service Team.