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Luci Della Ribalta (LDR) Astro 250 CM wi‐fi HP 380w

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Luci della Ribalta Astro 250 CM wi‐fi HP 380W, DMX512 + RDM RGBW LED followspot

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Astro HP is the high‐power version of the popular ASTRO followpot. Fitted with a new, custom‐designed optics which dramatically enhances the light output, the Astro HP is suitable for medium‐long throws in all followspot applications. Stylish, compact and extremely high efficiency the RGBW Astro HP
followspot can boast unique features allowing for precision and user‐friendly control in any situation.

‐ Colour Control by Android – via Artnet Controller App ‐ or
IOS – via Luminair App ‐ mobile device connected to
proprietary wi‐fi access point (1 device only, 12m range) or
remote DMX512‐RDM

‐ USB port provided to re‐charge your mobile device while
operating the followspot
‐ Clamp‐on universal mobile phone holder, 3.5/6.5in,
rotatable 360°, supplied

‐ Clamp‐on digital dimmer, positionable along the side bars to
suit any operator’s needs, supplied
‐ Android mobile phone, with pre‐loaded proprietary colour
library, on demand

‐ Free proprietary colour library available for download from
our website for those using own mobile device
A recently‐added new feature allows to choose from 10 pre‐set
whites, ranging from 2700K to 5800K, using a dedicated DMX

Astro HP is available with 3200K, 5600K and RGBW CT. Standard delivery also includes iris diaphragm and spigot, whereas the kit version also includes a black followspot tripod, clamp‐on digital dimmer and ATA approved stackable flight case.


Beam style well‐defined, flat field projection
Suitable for theatres, TV studios, permanent shows, worship venues, music
bars and restaurants, sport‐halls
Specification level professional range
Beam angle 8°‐ 22° Typical throw distance 8 – 30m

Electrical specifications

Light source 380W LED, RGBW
Supply Volts 100/260V AC single phase
Frequency / Current 50/60Hz – 1.17A @ 230v ac‐ 2.35A @ 110V AC
Power consumption 250W at full power, 9W in sleep mode
USB PSU integrated; allows re‐charging of mobile device during operation
Cable/connection 2.2m, 3 x 1.5mm2 cable, Power‐con to bare ends
Standards Compliance EN60598‐2‐17, CE marked

Mechanical specifications

Construction extruded aluminium and sheet steel
Mounting steel stirrup with 12mm centre hole and DIN mounting. spigot
for ø29mm tripod supplied
Pan & Tilt control 2 side‐handles head to rear
Weight/Packed weight 21.0 kg / 26.0 kg

Operational specifications

Focus adjustment slide zoom controls (diameter and softness) at side
DMX channels/connection 6 or 7 ch/ XLR5 connectors, IN/OUT
RDM integrated
WI‐FI integrated
Colour RGBW + 10 preset whites (2700K to 5800K) from a dedicated
DMX channel
Colour control by Android or IOS mobile device connected to proprietary Wi‐Fi
access point (1 device only – 12m) or remote DMX512‐RDM
Dimming positionable external activator Clamp‐on dimmer, supplied or
remote DMX 8 or 16 bits
LED temperature built‐in sensor for real time monitoring
Ambient temperature 35°C max.
Fan speed control 3 modes available Silent/Auto/Constant
Fade curves 2 curves (linear, square)
LED Frequency 16KHz – flicker‐free
LCD display set‐up, DMX, monitor, diagnostics
Software upload remote, via DMX 512 cables

Optical specifications

Optical system double condenser with variable zoom
LED array / rated life RGBW, replaceable
Rated LED life 50,000 hours at 25°C, maintains 70% of original intensity
Beam colour temperature Any, from RGBW colour mixing
CRI (Colour Rendering Index) >90


Spare iris diaphragm 20100707 Gobo holder A/B size 20100807
Black tripod 20102401 Chrome plated tripod 20102402
Spare spigot ø29mm 20102200 Spigot w/fluid head 20102100
Flight case 20107180 Remoto 20702072
Clamp‐on digital dimmer 20702071 supplied
Clamp‐on universal phone holder 20702073 supplied
Clamp‐on Android mobile phone, pre‐loaded app/colour library 20702074

Photometric data

Narrow beam(1/2 P.A) RGBW at 1300mA
Beam dia. 1.1 1.7 2.2 2.8 3.4 3.9 4.2 4.5 m
R 1047 465 261 167 117 85 75 65 lux 18,2 lm/W
G 2494 1108 624 399 277 204 177 155 lux 53,1 lm/W
B 541 240 135 86 60 44 39 34 lux 14,2 lm/W
W 5102 2268 1275 817 567 417 363 319 lux 79,7 lm/W
Full 5283 2348 1321 845 587 432 376 330 lux
Distance 8 12 16 20 24 28 30 32 m

Wide beam(1/2 P.A.)
Beam dia. 1.6 1.9 2.3 2.7 3.1 3.5 3.9 m
R 774 496 343 252 193 153 124 lux 18,2 lm/W
G 1791 1147 796 585 448 354 286 lux 53,1 lm/W
B 382 244 169 124 95 76 61 lux 14,2 lm/W
W 3792 2428 1685 1238 948 749 607 lux 7 9,7 lm/W
Full 3846 2461 1709 1256 962 759 615 lux
Distance 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 m

This is the most common question we're asked and you're certainly not alone in not knowing which to choose. Metal and Glass Gobos have their own advantages and disadvantages and the choice will really depend the design and the lantern you wish to project from. In many cases your lantern manufacturer will recommend a gobo material, so if unsure then please check with them or speak to a member of our team.

Metal Gobos
Patterns are etched from metal sheets to produce a stencil. Any 'islands' of metal are held in place with fine lines which may show in projection. Metal is cost effective and good for simple black & white designs. If you need to move the gobo from fixture to fixture or travel on the road with it, then it offers a pretty durable solution and will last the course. If you need to project something simple or as a one off then metal provides a cost effective solution.

Glass Gobos - Most Popular!
Images are created by etching away the metal or dichroic coating on the glass allowing for high resolution images, including greyscale and multi-colour. Glass Gobos are suitable for more detailed patterns, coloured logos and photographic images. They are recommended for long term use & the glass is able to withstand high temperatures in your lantern when handled correctly.

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Can’t find your lantern manufacturer or model in the list?
If you can’t find either your lantern manufacturer or model in the drop down lists above then please select ‘other’ from the manufacturer dropdown. This will then provide a simple text field where you can detail as much information you have about your lantern. Don’t worry about finding out the gobo size, we’ll contact the manufacturer directly if we don’t already have the size listed for your gobo.

Not sure what the details are of the lantern/light you’re planning to use?
In order to produce your gobo in the correct size we’ll need to know which fixture you plan on projecting the gobo from. If you can’t access the fixture at this time then try and take a photo and send it to our team at [email protected] for more info.

Which gobo material should I choose?
Please refer to the “Which Gobo Material” tab.

How long does it take to produce the gobo?
Stock gobos are typically made to order and shipped the same day (depending on the time of your order). Custom gobos can take a slightly longer in order to ready the artwork and get your proofs approved. Our standard shipping offering deliver next day.

I’m in a rush! Can you get gobos to be quicker?
YES! We understand industry requirements and are used to turning orders around very quickly. If you have specific requirements then get in touch with our team and we’ll sort it out for you. We don’t charge a penny more...

I’m not sure which gobo would be right, can you help?
We sure can. Our staff are experts in gobo projection and we’ve pretty much seen it all done! If you’re looking for any advice when it comes to gobo projection then please get in touch.

Where are your gobos made?
We’re the leading dealer in the UK for Rosco products. All of our gobos are produced directly in the state of the art facility at Rosco in London & Texas. Rosco supports our vision of supplying the highest quality gobos by using the best materials and latest manufacturing technology, so we’ve become great partners.