Custom Gobo Order Guide


We're here to make the ordering of your custom gobo (what is a gobo?) as easy as possible. We have a team of gobo experts to help answer any queries and make sure you get the right gobo for your needs, as quickly as possible. This guide aims to answer any of your questions, but if you need any further assistance then please get in touch with our team.

Order Process

Custom gobo order guide

Our online order process will ask for your preferred gobo material (see here for guidance on which to choose), model of lantern/projector and your artwork (your logo, photo, image etc).

Once you have placed your order our experts will verify the gobo size and prepare a proof of your gobo. The proof will be sent to you ASAP (depending on the quality of your artwork) via email for your approval. Once approved your gobo will be sent to production with a view to being shipped the same day, where possible.

Which gobo material should you choose?

Patterns are etched from metal sheets to produce a stencil. Any 'islands' of metal are held in place with fine lines which may show in projection. Metal is cost effective and good for simple black & white designs. 

Glass - Most Popular!
Images are created by etching away the metal or dichroic coating on the glass allowing for high resolution images, including greyscale and multi-colour. Glass Gobos are suitable for more detailed patterns, coloured logos and photographic images. They are recommended for long term use & the glass is able to withstand high temperatures when handled correctly. 

Finding the right gobo size

GoboPlus has a database of almost all lanterns/projectors and their corresponding gobo sizes. On the custom gobo order page simply provide us with the manufacturer & model of your lantern and we'll provide the correct size for you! Easy! If your model is not listed as an option, then please provide us with as many details as possible and we'll contact the manufacturer. For more information, please don't hesitate to give us a call.

Turnaround Times

Custom Metal Gobos 
If you have “gobo ready” artwork and confirm your order by 10:00am we will aim to ship same day. Orders requiring the Intervention of our graphics department or confirmed after 10:00am will typically ship next day.

Custom Glass Gobos
Black & White - Subject to artwork… orders confirmed by 12:00 mid-day, will typically ship same day. Orders received after mid-day or requiring graphic intervention will typically ship next day. 

Colour - The manufacture of colour gobos is a more complex procedure so a little more time is required. Orders Received before mid-day will typically ship in two full working days, Orders received after that will be shipped in three full working days.

Be aware, poor quality artwork may have a affect our ability to adhere to these turnaround times. Please note the above times should be used as a guide only and during busy periods production can take upto 3 working days, post artwork approval.

If your gobos are required within 5 business days then we recommend speaking to our team prior to order or immediately after, referencing your order number.

Delivery options

We deliver worldwide and you will typically receive your gobo within 1-3 working days. For further information on shipping times and prices, please view our Delivery Information page.

Custom Gobo Pricing

Custom gobo pricing is calculated using the number of colours in your desired projection.

If you wish to project simply in black & white then you may choose from either metal or black & white glass. When you wish to project colours, please use the illustrations below to distinguish the correct gobo makeup for you. Please remember that the black masking required to stop any light does count as a colour, so keep this in mind.

If you're still unsure on the number of colours then please get in touch with our team.