Gobo Care Guide

The following guidelines will help you achieve the best possible results with your glass gobos. If you have any questions please contact us for further advice.

1. Flat Field the Lantern
Before installing the gobo, adjust the reector of the lantern to produce an even beam of light (where possible) for best quality projection across the entire image. This will also reduce any peaks of light which may cause the glass to heat unevenly and crack.

2. Clean the Gobo
Polish the glass with a soft lint free cloth to remove ngerprints and dust. Grease spots may cause the gobo to overheat causing discolouration or perhaps breakage. Dust particles will show suprisingly well in projection. Please avoid using chemicals.

3. Correct Installation of a Glass Gobo
Glass gobos should be installed into a lantern with the ‘matted’ side facing away from the lamp - See diagram below. Rosco glass gobos have an Ultra Matte TM aluminium coating on one side. This has been specially developed to minimise any ‘ghosting’ of the projected image (seen in some luminaires when a shiny gobo is used). Placing a gobo into a lantern the correct way round will also help increase durability. Multi Layer glass gobos should always have the dichroic layers of glass installed away from the lamp. Please Note: For Rear Projection or lanterns tted with an external Mirror, glass gobos are manufactured specically to allow for correct installation.

gobo care guide

4. Fit Gobo into Gobo Holder
Carefully Handle the glass gobo with care when tting into the gobo holder. Gobo holders for many Prole lanterns have lugs or clips to hold the gobo in place. Be careful not to pinch the gobo too tightly with these or it may break. Allow a space for expansion of the glass in the heat of the lantern.

5. Pre Warm the Gobo
After installation of the gobo, gradually bring up the light and temperature of the lamp - where the lantern allows. A cold glass gobo suddenly exposed to extreme heat may react badly.