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Optikinetics Gobo40 40W LED projector

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Gobo40 - A Small Sealed Gobo Projector.

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Meet the new projector the Gobo40 – a small fully sealed projector designed for use in industrial environments. This compact and elegant projector is simple to set up and install making it the perfect projector for anyone wanting to add an effective signage solution to their environment. Combined with our Gobo’s and PIR proximity sensor the Gobo40 can be the difference between people following guidelines and not.

The Gobo40 is designed to be compact in stature allowing it to be situated in the perfect locations to be fully effective without being obtrusive.

The Gobo40 is fully sealed to minimize the ingress of outside contaminates, reducing the risk of cross-contamination and the spread of infection. Making the Gobo4o the perfect solution for Hospitals and Care Homes as well as industrial and retail applications.

The Gobo40 is simple to use. With no complicated controls or setup procedures, it couldn’t be easier to achieve effective signage solutions for anyone in any environment.

We have also designed a PIR sensory that works in unison with the Gobo40 that will detect a person entering a designated zone and flash your message increasing the effectiveness of your messaging.

Combined with our Gobo designs you can achieve clear messaging making it easier for everyone to fully understand what is needed to keep healthy and safe.

As the Gobo40 combines tried and tested technology with modern components like LED’s there is minimal attention needed to maintain your messaging. In fact, you should be able to install and leave the Gobo40 to do its job.

Mains Voltage: 220 - 240V~ or 110 - 120V~50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 62 Watts
Light Source: 40W LED
LED Module Life: 10,000 hours average
Brightness Output: 1200 Lux (illuminating on a square meter)
Colour Temperature: 4000° K
Cooling: Tubeaxial fan

Physical Data
Net weight 1.8kg
Dimensions W=100 mm; H = 100 mm; D=247mm (excluding hanging bracket)
Colour WHITE

Lens Options: 60, 85, 100,
GOBO Projection: Static
GOBO size: 44-50mm o/d, (42mm image diameter)
Focus: Manual
Compatibility: PIR Sensing Module for triggered flashing effect
Indoor Yes
Outdoor no
Operating Environment -10° C - 85° C

This is the most common question we're asked and you're certainly not alone in not knowing which to choose. Metal and Glass Gobos have their own advantages and disadvantages and the choice will really depend the design and the lantern you wish to project from. In many cases your lantern manufacturer will recommend a gobo material, so if unsure then please check with them or speak to a member of our team.

Metal Gobos
Patterns are etched from metal sheets to produce a stencil. Any 'islands' of metal are held in place with fine lines which may show in projection. Metal is cost effective and good for simple black & white designs. If you need to move the gobo from fixture to fixture or travel on the road with it, then it offers a pretty durable solution and will last the course. If you need to project something simple or as a one off then metal provides a cost effective solution.

Glass Gobos - Most Popular!
Images are created by etching away the metal or dichroic coating on the glass allowing for high resolution images, including greyscale and multi-colour. Glass Gobos are suitable for more detailed patterns, coloured logos and photographic images. They are recommended for long term use & the glass is able to withstand high temperatures in your lantern when handled correctly.

Can’t find your lantern manufacturer or model in the list?
Not sure what the details are of the lantern/light you’re planning to use?
Which gobo material should I choose?
How long does it take to produce the gobo?
I’m in a rush! Can you get gobos to be quicker?
I’m not sure which gobo would be right, can you help?
Where are your gobos made?

Can’t find your lantern manufacturer or model in the list?
If you can’t find either your lantern manufacturer or model in the drop down lists above then please select ‘other’ from the manufacturer dropdown. This will then provide a simple text field where you can detail as much information you have about your lantern. Don’t worry about finding out the gobo size, we’ll contact the manufacturer directly if we don’t already have the size listed for your gobo.

Not sure what the details are of the lantern/light you’re planning to use?
In order to produce your gobo in the correct size we’ll need to know which fixture you plan on projecting the gobo from. If you can’t access the fixture at this time then try and take a photo and send it to our team at [email protected] for more info.

Which gobo material should I choose?
Please refer to the “Which Gobo Material” tab.

How long does it take to produce the gobo?
Stock gobos are typically made to order and shipped the same day (depending on the time of your order). Custom gobos can take a slightly longer in order to ready the artwork and get your proofs approved. Our standard shipping offering deliver next day.

I’m in a rush! Can you get gobos to be quicker?
YES! We understand industry requirements and are used to turning orders around very quickly. If you have specific requirements then get in touch with our team and we’ll sort it out for you. We don’t charge a penny more...

I’m not sure which gobo would be right, can you help?
We sure can. Our staff are experts in gobo projection and we’ve pretty much seen it all done! If you’re looking for any advice when it comes to gobo projection then please get in touch.

Where are your gobos made?
We’re the leading dealer in the UK for Rosco products. All of our gobos are produced directly in the state of the art facility at Rosco in London & Texas. Rosco supports our vision of supplying the highest quality gobos by using the best materials and latest manufacturing technology, so we’ve become great partners.